How can we bring more diversity to the game industry workforce? Join us this April 6th and start a discussion on this issue! Laura van Nieuwenhuijze (Chair of COC Midden Nederland) shares best practices and lessons learned of advocating diversity & inclusion at work.

Laura is president of COC Midden-Nederland. Since 1946, COC has been fighthing for equal rights, emancipation and social acceptance of lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals, transgenders and intersex people (LGBTI). COC Midden-Nederland focuses on security, (political) advocacy and activities for vulnerable target groups, including young people, the over-50s, refugees, women and LGBT people with a physical or mental disability.

With so much history, and so many successes (e.g. lately they managed to have 20 townships sign the De Regenboogstembusakkoord), Laura can give some great insights in how they accomplish certain goals. Menno & Laura will talk about best and worst practices in their fight for diversity and inclusion at work. Will you join us?


GameDevCafe Program

Wednesday April 6th 18:00 in Café Fokus – Koekoekstraat 25 – Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • 18:00 Walk in – Grab a bite (bring your own or check the menu)
  • 19:00 Interview with Laura van Nieuwenhuijze: Best Practices in bringing more diversity to the professional workforce.
  • 19:20 Q&A – ask the speaker anything!
  • 19:45 Informal mixer.
  • 23:00 End of event.

This event is brought by you by Games [4Diversity]. Entrance is free of charge. Please comply to the local COVID safety measurements and stay home if you experience any symptoms or have been in contact with a person that tested positive. Thank you for your understanding!