Integration is Child’s Play

The Games [4Diversity] Jam 2017 brought together game developers and children with a migration or refugee background to share their playground games.

About the Jam

The Games [4Diversity] Jam 2017 was held to improve the public image of refugees in the Netherlands.

When: November 25-26 2017
Where: Utrecht, the Netherlands
Theme: Integration is Child’s Play

The Games That Were Made

The games were developed in approximately 20 hours. The theme was “Integration is Child’s Play” to improve the public image of refugees. Game developers met children with a migration/refugee background and used their playful culture as an inspiration to make games.


P.O.S.E. is a Pillo game in which two players make bizarre poses to earn points. The game is all about agility, speed and cooperation. Act strange, work together and P.O.S.E.!

Made by Pillo Games

Yongyi Jin
Omar Bentaher
Eric van Gastel
Luuk van Aggelen
Ard Jacobs


In Smiksmak you must try to bash the right kind of fruits into the belly of a hungry sultanesque overlord. His royal highness has truly refined desires and will reward you with glorious 24 karat excretements if you manage to fulfill those. The two-player mode lets you battle against each other to win the game and obtain big fat glory!

Its inspiration comes from a card game thought up by a cheeky kid named Gwen, who high-handedly declared the winners according to her variable preference. We picked up the challenge to turn it into an energetic, quirky game for kids of all origins in the Netherlands and are glad with the joyous result.


Avoid getting caught by the Monsters. Be fast but be careful or you could be turned into a monster. The last person standing wins.

Frank Hartman
Nevin Wouters
Jim Sanders
Yamil Baptista
Kees Werson

Universal Ice Cream

Fill a cone with ice cream for your alien customers. Use your imagination and creativity to create out of this world ice cream. See how your customer respond to the ice cream you created.
With special thanks to the children that played and talked with us to give our creativity a kickstart. The drawings to the right are made by them.

Martijn Magré
Jaswir Raghoe
Mandy Filet
Bram den Hond
Nymphaea Notschaele

Match’m Up

Match’m up is a game about cooperation and finding your match. In the first round of the game, the participants get assigned a shape and with the shape they get assigned to on their mobile device. The children need to find other kids that have the same symbol as they do and they need to team up.
Once they have found their match, the kids get assign a color, and now they need to find the other team with the same sign and color and the quickest one earns the most points.
But, the game also rewards creativity, so if you make a nice image with the shapes you gathered you can also earn extra points.

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